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There is no larger joy in life than having an oversized theatre within the comfort of your home. Why brave traffic, substitute lines for flick tickets and pander to clamant movie-goers after you will watch the most effective feature films and television shows reception on an opulent armchair whereas esurient buttery popcorn?

Now that you’ve determined to bring the medium expertise reception, it’s time to style your theatre. this can be a lot of easier same than done since there is a spread of things to think about before building a theatre system. It’s essential to arrange your set-up, do adequate analysis on the out there TVs and sound systems within the market and choose the most effective decoration to boost your viewing expertise.

Fortunately, we’ve compiled a handy-dandy list of theatre style tips that you simply ought to take into consideration whereas conveyance the massive screen home. If you are looking for modern & stylish home theater furniture or gallery furniture in Houston, Texas at an affordable price, please call Lyra Furniture now.

Size of the room

Before designing your home theatre, it is important to choose which room you’d like to convert into the home theater. 

The height of the ceiling

Characteristically, a high-ceiling room is excellent for watching Nonetheless, you can set up your personal theater even in a room with low down ceiling such as the basement. Just opt for a large LED or LCD TV over a screen and projector. 


If you’re not comfortable with your neighbors repeatedly complaining of noise or waking up your child while you watch the latest “The Walking Dead” season at night, it’s crucial to soundproof your home theater. That means installing acoustic wall panels to block out the noise and carpeting the room from wall-to-wall. 

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Monitor distance

No quantity of palatial furnishings can enrich your viewing expertise like putting in place the TV at a perfect distance from your seating. If your plasma is simply too shut, you’ll begin to examine the pixels on the screen. If it’s too way, you’ll squint your eyes and miss out on the finer image details within the flick. The thumb rule is that screen distance ought to be one.5 to a pair of times the diagonal breadth of the screen. So, if you've got a 48-inch diode HD TV (diagonally measured) then you ought to ideally place the seating no over eight feet or ninety-six inches from the screen (two times 48).

The screen distance can even be used in the opposite manner around – you'll be able to take measurements of the length of your area and calculate the scale of the TV you wish to buy. If you wish a lot of correct calculation of your room’s size and therefore the screening distance, head up here.

Relaxed seating

One of the most effective a part of looking at a picture show on an oversized screen isn’t simply taking within the glorious performance of the actors on a large show. It’s seeing motion photos come back to life on a lavish, cozy and slightly over-sized armchair. 


As expressed earlier, glass may be a huge no-no as a result of it reflects, instead of absorbs, sound and light-weight. you will be tempted to flaunt fancy art framed in glass. Don’t try this. The dialogues can tend to echo. 

Wall colors

You may be tempted to color your walls red or add a splash of yellow to create the house theater space spirited. whereas bright colours do wonders in up lighting the atmosphere of a space, it will nothing for up the viewing expertise. Bright colours replicate lightweight and distract you from actually loving the movie’s setting.

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